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Brands You Need to Know: Black Chicken Remedies

Mar. 27.2017

Here at Carbon Beauty, we treasure brands with a strong commitment to making safe + effective, non-toxic products, which is why our latest obsession is with none other than Black Chicken Remedies. Their approach is born from ancient remedies and therapeutic knowledge that has been passed down for generations from medicine men and women across the world (talk about longitudinal studies). Black Chicken Remedies doesn't craft their skincare products with the sole “intention to look, smell or feel good" but rather they are "created to make a difference on a physical, mental and emotional level”, an approach we greatly admire at Carbon Beauty, which is why we are honored and thrilled to feature them!

Black Chicken Remedies: Essentials

- Axilla Deodorant Paste
Cacao Revelation Mask
- Complexion Polish

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