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Staycation Checklist

Mar. 27.2017

Who says you need to book a flight and pack a bag to get away from it all? Indulging in a home spa day is the perfect way to indulge in a mini staycation. Here’s our checklist for planning out a relaxing + restorative day of self-care.

Page Thirty Three: Essential Oil Burner
Create a spa atmosphere by burning Page Thirty Three’s Centre essentials oil blend in their modern tripod oil burner. The lavender blend’s calming scent will help relax and ground your energy.

Kypris: Glow Philtre Mask
For an indulgent face mask, look no further than the Kypris Glow Philtre Mask. Apply to maintain clear pores, smooth skin texture, and give your complexion a vibrant luminosity.

Pursoma: Resurrection Bath
Slip into a Resurrection Bath for a revitalizing and deeply stimulating treatment that will help detox and purify your body + mind.

Mullein and Sparrow: French Lavender Body Oil
A self-massage of this luxurious lavender body oil will calm both your skin and your senses.