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Cutting Board Oil

Blackcreek Mercantile

Cutting Board Oil
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Key ingredients

Blackcreek Mercantile's cutting board oil has been formulated specifically for wood items used in the kitchen, and unlike vegetable, nut & unfortified mineral oils, its main purpose is to help care for & protect wood kitchenware, wood work surfaces & so forth.

Derived from the highest quality ingredients such as white mineral oil, cold pressed essential oils & bee propolis*, it can be used for conditioning cutting boards, butcher block, wooden spoons and wooden bowls, and any unsealed or unfinished wood product/piece of furniture.

Due to the proximity of cutting board oils to the food we eat, it is important to use discretion when choosing an oil to use on kitchen items, which is precisely why we chose a company that makes no compromises in providing products of the highest quality and safety.

• 8.5 fl oz

• Each bottle is made by hand in BCM's studio in Kingston NY

• Helps prevent the absorption of food odors into the wood and eases cleaning

• Fills small surface cracks that may otherwise harbor bacteria

• Its superior quality also makes it an excellent choice for stone surfaces that require oil as a part of maintenance, such as slate, marble & soapstone

*Propolis has been recognized and used by people for thousands of years, having been documented for its medical use by Hippocrates in the 3rd century BC, although even earlier use may be traced to Egyptian medicine as far back as the 27th century BC. Today it is widely used and known for its antiseptic, antibiotic, anesthetic & healing properties.

The inherent properties of being an all-natural, edible, bee-made, vegetable varnish, not only protect wooden kitchen implements, but also impart a beautiful, food-safe, washable, satin sheen. Propolis is the perfect addition to traditional boards oils simply because of what it is & where it comes from.

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