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All Over Color For Lips + Cheeks + Eyes


All Over Color For Lips + Cheeks + Eyes
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Key ingredients

All over color is a versatile organic, natural and wild harvested lip and cheek color, as well as a contour and cream eye shadow in one product. It can be worn in limitless ways, built up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with MANASI 7's other colors to create stunning new shades.

Formulated with the perfect balance of oils and waxes, this creamy blendable formula glides on effortlessly and blends easily into skin and onto lips for a truly natural flush of color. Its creamy and nourishing formula can be worn alone or mixed together for a custom shade.

• Certified Organic + Natural Wild-Harvested Formula | Cruelty-Free

• Made In Small Batches In Italy

Shade Guide

Alizarin - A deep contemporary red

Bisque - A barely there, peachy-beige hue with a touch of warmth.

Chamoisee - The must-have no-color color. Earthy neutral.

Densuke - A subtle peachy coral for modern freshness

Etruscan - A neutral antique rose pink hue with earthy undertones

Fuchsine - A rich fuchsia pink for the statement look and deeper skin tones

Ikura - A warm bright red for the modern statement lip

Kobicha - An intense brown with neutral undertones

Kuranberi - A natural, irresistible burgundy red reminiscent of cranberries. A true statement color.

Sanguinello - A bright yet sophisticated coral for the summer vibes

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