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Beard Tonic

Herbivore Botanicals

Beard Tonic
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Key ingredients

These highly nourishing oil-based beard tonics combine natural plant oils that promote a healthier looking beard while moisturizing the skin beneath. These include light, natural scents that men (and women up-close) can enjoy.

Cedar + Bergamot - Combines the woodsy aroma of Cedar and the sweet and tangy citrus oil Bergamot.

Vetiver + Sage - Earthy and grounding. Sage is a popular herb and Vetiver is a grass native to India.

Palo Santo - is a unique and distinctive aromatic wood that translates to "holy wood" in Spanish. Strong wood notes and hints of mint and citrus create a scent that has been used ceremonially like incense and sage for hundreds of years.

• All Natural + Organic Ingredients

• All of Herbivore's oils are cold-pressed or steam distilled, yielding premium-quality oils

• Cruelty free | Made in small batches in the USA

• 1 oz | 30 ml




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