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No. 1 Botanical Hair Elixir - Nourishing


No. 1 Botanical Hair Elixir - Nourishing
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Key ingredients

Elixir #1 nourishes the microbiome of your scalp. The scalp microbiome is integral to creating healthy, vibrant hair. Essential fatty acids in Argan and Pomegranate oils feed and protect the lipids in the scalp, bringing nourishment to the follicles. Argan + Italian Red Mandarin oils regulate sebum production, Rose Geranium oil improves scalp circulation and reduces inflammation, Vetiver Root can bring hair roots back to life, Clary Sage adds critical nutrients that address hormonal hair thinning, Vanilla contains vital antioxidants, Ylang Ylang stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall, and it has a scent that makes you feel you are in heaven.

• 1 fl oz | 30 ml

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