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Celestial Sphere Eye Soot

Rituel de Fille

Celestial Sphere Eye Soot
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Key ingredients

These magical creations capture the night sky in constellations of scintillating starlight.

Each richly textured, brightly shimmering gelée formulation creates natural magic in a highly pigmented potion—all while being made with beautifully minimalistic ingredients. Rituel de Fille makes every boldly shimmering shade of Celestial Sphere Eye Soot only with iridescent, dimensional, color-shifting pigments to create something truly unique: each color is incredibly vibrant while maintaining its translucency.


Ara - A brightly shimmering, iridescent red-rose with a vibrant gold shift—with the subtlest hints of teal revealed some lighting. This powerfully complex shade is named for the altar constellation.

Pyxis - A vibrant, cool-toned shimmer in blue-shifting aqua. This shade is named for the compass constellation, evoking the sunlit surface of seawater and bioluminescence beneath.

Lyra - A shimmer that merges beautiful wearability with stunning complexity. Lyra combines intensely iridescent pigments in violet, gold, and aqua to create a dimensional, glowing white hue. This harmonious, artful shade is named for the harp constellation.

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