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Charcoal Mask

Sort of Coal

Charcoal Mask
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Key ingredients

Sort of Coal's Charcoal Mask is designed to help remove impurities, excess oils, and blackheads, leaving the skin cleansed, moisturized and with a healthy pH balance.

Especially suited for dry to normal skin, this mask contains the highest grade of edible charcoal powder as well as macadamia seed oil + cacao seed butter to nourish & balance the skin.

• Made in Denmark using only safe and eco-friendly ingredients

• Paraben free, Sulfate free, Cruelty free

• 1.69 oz / 50 ml

- You can take even more pleasure in SOC's Charcoal Mask in the fact that no unnatural or harmful substances escape from it through your sink so that the water and soil in your near environment can continue to provide living space and nourishment for plants, animals and people on our wonderfully diverse and symbiotic planet that we love so much.

- White Charcoal contains more than 90 percent pure carbon and has a powerful ability to absorb due to its extremely porous surface. It is at the heart of centuries-old Asian traditions surrounding well-being and purification

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