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Charcoal Purifying Kit

Sort of Coal

Charcoal Purifying Kit
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Key ingredients

Activated Charcoal

A Travel Kit of powerful, purifying White Charcoal that cleanses skin, hair + body.

Kit Includes:

Edible Kuro Powder Sachets, Small Kuro Soap Bar, Binchotan Fine 12 cm, 100 ml Hai Body Soap, 100 ml Shiro Shampoo and 100 ml Kuro Shampoo

Additional Information

• White Charcoal contains more than 90 percent pure carbon and has a powerful ability to absorb due to its extremely porous surface. It is at the heart of centuries old Asian traditions surrounding well-being and purification.

• White Charcoal is made from wood, but differs from regular charcoal in just about every other way. To produce the white charcoal used, the highest quality branches are individually selected from slow growing, hard wood trees in the mountain forests of Japan and Korea. These forests are maintained by craftsmen who harvest from them in such a way that new branches are encouraged to grow. These new branches absorb higher levels of CO2 than their predecessors, giving greater benefit to the surrounding environment and providing a plentiful harvest for the craftsmen. The natural minerals that the trees absorb as they grow are captured inside the White Charcoal, imparting it with its purifying/detoxifying effects.

Sort Of Coal products have an efficient, waste-free lifecycle. Cross-cutting the wood to make White Charcoal is done in a thoughtful way such that the forests are restored rather than destroyed. And when you need to dispose of it, White Charcoal can be used as an excellent fertilizer.

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