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Clarifying Cream Discovery Kit


Clarifying Cream Discovery Kit
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Key ingredients

The unique combination of skin nurturing ingredients and MicroSilver BG helps support the skins healthy appearance, while cleansing the skin of harmful bacteria.

Size: 3 x 7.5ml Deluxe Minis

For: All skin types & all ages who suffer from acne-prone (mild-moderate) and problem skin (eczema, rosacea, psoriasis).

The porous MicroSilver BG™ particles in Zyderma's Clarifying Cream formula provide a high and sustained microbial cleansing action by continuously releasing silver ions. This reduces the impact of bacteria and microorganisms and supports the skin’s natural healing process.

While Zyderma HS safely cleanses the bacteria from the skin, it also produces a calming effect on areas with a tendency for inflammation (it is very effective in reducing redness and inflammation associated with hormonal breakouts and flare-ups). MicroSilver BGTM has been proven to be effective on acne prone & problem skin. Studies have shown that Microsilver BGTM helps the skin show significant improvement in as early as 3-4 days.

Helps regulate the skin’s microflora & strengthens the skin’s resistance to colonization of bacteria

- Supports the skin’s natural healing process
- Perfectly suited for daily skincare
- Supports the skin even under makeup
- Lasts up to 24 hrs, or until rinsed off


• Leaping Bunny & PETA approved

• Rates clean “0” on ThinkDirty

• All ingredients are Eco-Certified

• Free of nano particles, parabens, propylene glycol, oils, alcohol, gluten, animal by-products, fragrances & dyes.

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