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Clarifying Shampoo


Clarifying Shampoo
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Key ingredients

Hairprint uses fewer ingredients but they also use more of them! Shampoo labels may list many botanical ingredients and oils, but how much is actually in the product? In many cases, almost none! One-tenth of one percent is not unusual as the workers who make these shampoos call it “fairy dust.” If your hair is 12 inches long, one tenth of one percent of a dab of shampoo means you are putting on 3/1000th of an ounce on 25 sq. ft. of hair surface. It is important to have enough of an ingredient to actually make a difference, which is why Hairprint measures and adds all of their plant ingredient formulations in percentages, not fractions of a percentage.

This deep-cleansing formula cuts through and removes the residue, gunk and buildup left on your hair and scalp by modern hair products. If your hair feels heavy, lank, or greasy, Clarifying Shampoo's two sugar/coconut-based surfactants along with six specific botanicals will thoroughly but gently cleanse the scalp and hair. The Olive Leaf and Pomegranate extracts exfoliate the scalp and remove build up on the hair while Willow Bark helps exfoliate the scalp and the Green Coffee Extract stimulates blood flow and awakens the follicle and cells. The Radish and Coconut ferment has a dual purpose. It moisturizes and conditions the skin and hair while acting as a natural preservative.

• Pure, 100% plant-based, low suds, no-foam, scent-free hair wash made from leaves, bark, seeds, roots, oils, petals, and fruits.

• 8 fl oz / 240 ml

You may notice that some of Hairprint's ingredients are fermented. Many plant ingredients are not bio-available to the skin cells unless they are broken down by lactobacillus or other bacteria. Using fermentation tanks to make ingredients effective is more expensive, but it is worth it.

Hairprint uses organic ingredients but do not list them on their labels as organic. The reason they do this is because unlike the food industry, the organizations that certify cosmetic ingredients as being organic are not regulated or certified. Until there are reliably enforced standards, they will err on the side of caution in what they claim.

Ingredients are required to be listed in order of amount used. Hairprint does this while many companies do not. Some companies do not list water as an ingredient although it comprises 70% of all shampoos and conditioners. Hairprint does. Some companies use euphemisms for chemicals. Hairprint doesn't.

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