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Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder

The Beauty Chef

Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder
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Key ingredients

The Beauty Chef’s Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder is a comprehensive super-greens supplement designed to help detox + purify your body on the inside, promoting smoother, clearer skin on the outside.

Whether taken as a daily boost of cleansing greens or used as part of The Beauty Chef’s 14-day intensive cleanse plan - to help your body re-align either during or after times of excess - the alkalizing blend features 45 certified organic and bio-fermented fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, algae, grasses, plant fiber, purifying herbs + digestive enzymes.

Power ingredients like chickpeas, adzuki beans, mung beans, lentils and organic sprouted pea powder provide fiber to aid the elimination process and help remove toxins from the body. Additionally, broccoli, beetroot, kale, rosemary, St Mary’s Thistle, dandelion, spinach, nettle, lemon, collared greens and a unique phyto-greens blend, including spirulina and barley grass, work to support the liver’s second phase of detoxification, while a super-blast of digestive enzymes balances gut health.

• To unlock the benefits of these wonder ingredients, the cleanse formula is fermented using The Beauty Chef’s exclusive flora culture™ bio-fermentation process, whereby a unique mother culture containing a variety of lactic-acid producing bacteria bio-activates and supercharges the ingredients, making the nutrients more available to the body.

• Dairy free, sugar free, nut free and unpasteurized with no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives, each tub of Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder contains 21 x 7g servings and can be mixed with 250ml of water, coconut water or blended into your favorite smoothie.

• 5.3 oz / 150 g

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