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Crowning Glory Hair Oil

Living Libations

Crowning Glory Hair Oil
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Key ingredients

This Nourishing Nettle Hair Oil frees your hair to be buoyant, swing, and shine in all its crowning glory, and it gently scents the hair like a breeze of spring air. Oiling the hair + scalp with Crowning Glory Hair Oil delivers nourishing essential oils to hair roots and scalp. Bioactive botanicals attend to dry, flaky scalps, revive damaged hair, smooth split ends, strengthen strands, stimulate & restore shine, cleanse scalp pores, and maintain the mane.

Delightfully aromatic and exceptionally effective, this sublime and lightweight oil swiftly absorbs into scalp + hair shaft and performs double duty as it fortifies and moisturizes hair + scalp. Smooth on to scalp and tips of hair to tame frizz and protect hair shafts from heat styling.

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