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Endless Summer Spray


Endless Summer Spray
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Key ingredients

Made with sea salt harvested in Southern California, this formula gives you the perfectly tousled hair texture you usually only get after a day at the beach or out on a board. Playa's proprietary Marine Collagen Complex nourishes strands to add fullness and shine, while natural UV filters shield hair + scalp from harmful rays. Your hair is protected and looks effortlessly undone.

Playa uses blackseed + chia seed extract to enhance hair’s natural curl and boost volume without stiffness or stickiness, giving you the beach waves you were born with. Pacific sea salt adds texture and sugar keeps hair in place while allowing it plenty of movement. They also put in beta-Carotene, a UV protectant that shields hair and scalp from sun and other environmental damage.

Because they use natural seed extracts to add volume and waves, they also only need to use minimal amounts of sea salt to get that perfectly beachy look. And instead of alcohol, the pure sugar in this formula keeps strands in place without drying.

• 3.65 fl oz / 108 ml

• 99.7% Natural

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