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Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo

Living Libations

Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo
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Key ingredients

There is no need for a shampoo-shower when you have the flower power of all natural minerals, botanicals, and essentials oils in the palm of your hand. Invite pristine petals to clean and restore your hair’s natural pert. Living Libations has woven garlands of botanicals into a powder-based dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil, dispels dandruff, soothes the scalp, increases shine, and saves you time.

Flowers in Her Hair works on all hair colors and types, and it may extend the life of color treated hair (because less shampooing is needed).

Many dry shampoos are packed with polymers, parabens, toxic talc, corn, rice and aluminum starches, as well as flammable isobutene, propane and alcohols. These synthetic substitutions inhibit healthy hair growth, dehydrate hair, attract residue, and block the breathability of the scalp. Every ingredient in Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo is masterfully mixed to optimize hair health and beauty. Probiotics foster healthy hair growth. Balancing baking soda absorbs excess oil. Kaolin clay works like a magnet to draw toxins and heavy metals from the body through the scalp. Silk peptides create a protective silky sheath around each hair follicle to lock in moisture and detangle strands.

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