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Hakutan White Charcoal (Medium)

Sort of Coal

Hakutan White Charcoal (Medium)
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Key ingredients

Activated Charcoal

This aesthetically pleasing piece of powerful White Charcoal made from hard Korean Holm oak is a natural and electricity-free air freshener. Working especially well in the bathroom or kitchen where it will effectively regulate humidity levels, Hakutan cleanses the air of pollution, steam and odors.

White Charcoal, or "active charcoal" has long been known for its purifying, enriching and restorative benefits. In Japan a Hakutan is often placed next to the computer, where the negative ions that it emits help to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

• A single sculptural piece of White Charcoal

• Size: Medium

• Made in Denmark

Sort of Coal products have an efficient, waste-free lifecycle. A Hakutan sculpture will last for a lifetime of use, provided it is kept clean and occasionally revitalized in direct sunlight. Should you wish to discard it, nature will gladly take it back. Acting as an excellent fertilizer, crush and mix with potting soil where it will add nourishment, regulate the PH balance, and assist in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

• White Charcoal contains more than 90 percent pure carbon and has a powerful ability to absorb due to its extremely porous surface. It is at the heart of centuries-old Asian traditions surrounding well-being and purification

Made WITHOUT artificial preservatives, parabens, harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrance, silicone, dimethicone, phthalates, sulphates, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, nanoparticles.

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