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Healing Hydrating Cream


Healing Hydrating Cream
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Key ingredients

Rooted in the centuries-old, skin-healing Remedea Compound™ and boosted by the most scientifically advanced, medical grade actives, Chuda™ Healing Hydrating Cream deeply hydrates and rapidly heals dry, damaged and compromised skin.

A highly active, fast-acting formula, skin is quickly restored to its healthiest state — soft, smooth supple, plump, hydrated and radiant.

Chuda’s foundation is the Remedea Compound, a proven medicinal remedy used for generations in Georgia to heal the skin. The compound is comprised of indigenous ingredients that grow in mineral-rich soil atop Georgia’s breathtaking Caucasian mountain range. The compound’s exact formulation is a guarded family secret, passed down from generation to generation, and never revealed to any outsider.

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