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Hydration Inner Beauty Boost

The Beauty Chef

Hydration Inner Beauty Boost
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Key ingredients

Revolutionizing skin hydration, The Beauty Chef’s HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost is a delicious organic, bio-fermented and coconut-infused probiotic designed to support gut health + enhance skin radiance from the inside out.

To be taken as a daily shot of extra nutritional support, HYDRATION combines organic coconut water, aloe vera + lemon myrtle to combat dry, dull skin, aging and fine lines as well as free-radical damage. Meanwhile, the formula also works to improve gut health, circulation and oxygenation of the blood, to boost overall skin health.

Supercharged by the Beauty Chef’s exclusive new five-stage Flora Culture™ Plus fermentation process - whereby a variety of natural probiotic strains are used to ferment the skin-loving blend of ingredients to create a potent, bioactive concentrate - HYDRATION provides six billion digestive-balancing probiotics per 15ml serving along with prebiotics, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients to support optimum skin health + general wellbeing.

• With no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives and dairy, sugar and gluten free, each bottle of HYDRATION contains 33 x 15ml servings of concentrate to be mixed with 200ml of filtered water and taken daily. For optimal results, combine with the Inner Beauty Powder of your choice.

• 16.9 fl oz / 500 ml

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