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Jasmin de Nuit Body Serum

Sangre de Fruta

Jasmin de Nuit Body Serum
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Sangre de Fruta's body serums are rich formulations of precious oils and botanicals. Sensual floral scents are blended with essential oils that have been used over the ages for beautification, as perfume and for their healing properties. The convenient pump-style glass bottle brings decadence into your everyday skin care routine.

Deep, dark and sensual, Jasmin de Nuit is a blend of rich, skin illuminating, enchanting plant + flower essential oils. Jasmine, ‘Queen of the Night’, has long been used in love potions because of it’s powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac. Beyond the sensuality of the fragrance, Jasmine is beneficial to all skin types and especially helpful for dry, sensitive skin, and for reducing stretch marks & scarring. Blended with Sandalwood, also known for its skin revitalization properties and, fittingly, its hypnotic fragrance.

• Sangre de Fruta's line is made of locally sourced, organic and wild-crafted plant-based ingredients.

• All Sangre de Fruta Botanical products are made by hand in Vancouver, BC.

• Free of harmful ingredients, full of active botanical ingredients & never tested on animals.

• 200 ml violet glass bottle

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