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Jasmine Blossom Lotion

Earth tu Face

Jasmine Blossom Lotion
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Key ingredients

Aloe Vera

Jasmine Oil

Olive Oil

Organic Body Lotion infused with the exotic and seductive scent of real Jasmine Flowers. It takes 8,000 handpicked blossoms to make just 2.2 pounds of Jasmine essential oil - making it rare and precious. The flowers must be handled very carefully, and each type of Jasmine can only be picked at a specific time of day. A luxurious experience worthy of special days and beauty rituals.

4 oz / 118 ml

100% plant-based, food grade ingredients, Non-GMO, Organic, virgin cold-pressed oils, Plant extracts hand chosen by herbalists, Reusable, compostable and recyclable containers, NO animal testing, Product and packaging made in the USA

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