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John Wayne Multi-Purpose Pomade


John Wayne Multi-Purpose Pomade
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Key ingredients

Made in collaboration with John Wayne Enterprises, the unique, limited edition John Wayne product assortment is only available until we run out of stock!

This multi-purpose pomade is similar to O'Douds' regular version with slightly increased hold, pliability, and shine. Great for many different hair styles of many different lengths.

Western Trail

Imagine taking a walk in the woods after a fresh rain. Texas cedar wood harvested directly from, you guessed it, Texas, provides a raw, smoky type of woodsiness that is incredibly unique. Notes of sage, lavender, carrot, and lime round out this fragrance creating a truly authentic western experience.

• All Natural Ingredients

• Paraben free, Sulfate free, Vegan

• Scent: Western Trail

• Shine: Medium / High | Hold: Firm

• Made in the USA

• Size: 4 oz

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