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John Wayne Solid Cologne


John Wayne Solid Cologne
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Key ingredients

Made in collaboration with John Wayne Enterprises, the unique, limited edition John Wayne product assortment is only available until we run out of stock!

A small, easy-to-carry cologne. Great for traveling or using on the go. Simply scoop out a small amount of product and apply to the desired area.


The full embodiment of a campfire, this fragrance is warm, deep, smoky, and inviting. Deep notes of coffee and chocolate, smoky notes of cedar, vetiver, and cypress, and smooth notes of lavender and vanilla mix together to transport you back to a time sitting around a campfire laughing with friends.

Western Trail

Imagine taking a walk in the woods after a fresh rain. Texas cedar wood harvested directly from, you guessed it, Texas, provides a raw, smoky type of woodsiness that is incredibly unique. Notes of sage, lavender, carrot, and lime round out this fragrance creating a truly authentic western experience.

• All Natural

• Size: .5 oz

• Made in the USA

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