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Lip Crayon


Lip Crayon
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    • Valor | Deep Rustic Red (Out of stock)
    • Serene | Brown Lilac (Out of stock)
    • Keen | Coral Pop (Out of stock)
    • Enchant | Plum Purple (Out of stock)
    • Intrigue | Brown (Out of stock)
    • Bliss | Golden Pink (Out of stock)

Out of stock

Key ingredients

Axiology’s lip crayon formula is crafted with deeply replenishing ingredients that keep lips hydrated, all day long. These heavy pigmented shades sweep the lips in a luxurious matte finish—and never lose their luster. With a buttery-soft texture and all-natural + organic ingredients, this lip crayon line is made for the sophisticated and kind lipstick connoisseur.

• 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, Cruelty free

• Paraben free, Sulfate free, Gluten free, Palm Oil free


Valor - Grounded in a velvety splash of marsala, Valor is impeccable for a sexy air of mystery—or a raucous flare of vivacity. No matter which secrets get spilled, this long-lasting shade keeps lips buttery and soft until the sun glows on the horizon.

Serene - Serene’s down-tempo fusion of burnished rosewood and brown sugar delicately glazes the lips. Perfect for roof-top lounging or board-room ruling, pair Serene with bold eye-shadow or a cat-eye swoop for a seductive effect.

Keen - Quirky and bold, Keen spins a spell of charisma on your smile. With a baseline color of caramelized grapefruit and the highlight of translucent watermelon, Keen’s sure to turn the heads of tastemakers, every time.

Enchant - Like blustery cliffs of wild heather, Enchant’s boysenberry stain alights your lips in finespun color. The base of cool mauve with a tilt of silver keeps your pout supple and shimmering—whether worn for snow-lit walks or festival romps.

Intrigue - For days when you need a deep + demure hue, Intrigue is perfectly suited. With a base of toasted cinnamon balanced by muted rose, this versatile shade will follow you from asana mornings through to dinner party evenings. No matter where you go, your look will be cultivated and you lips will stay silky.

Bliss - Subtle in its sensuality, Bliss is a dainty salmon pink braided with a shimmering arc of gold. Don’t be mistaken by Bliss’s pale luster: this hue is ride or die, lasting through the star-studded night to Sunday brunch...should you so desire.

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