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Lip Oil


Lip Oil
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A soothing liquid balm that revives dehydrated lips with luminous shine and a kiss of color.

• 99% Natural : 60% Organic

• 4 Shades: Scarlet Bloom, Rose Doree, Naples Nude, Crimson Breath

Organic Olive Oil: A lightweight moisturizer that protects and smooths lips with vitamins A and E.

Organic Rosehip Oil: A nourishing oil rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants known to help boost skin healing and renewal.

Organic Coconut Oil: A powerful skin softener that contains high concentrations of Vitamin E to soothe cracked lips.

Natural Polymer: A biodegradable and non-comedogenic conditioning liquid derived from rapeseed oil that protects lips while providing multi-dimensional shine.

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