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Matcha Mint Shampoo


Matcha Mint Shampoo
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Key ingredients

Chia Seeds

Hemp Seed Oil


Graydon's Matcha Mint Shampoo is formulated to leave your hair feeling smooth, cleansed, and nourished. It is infused with matcha tea to soften hair and prevent split ends, chia to help hydrate and fortify hair, sunflower seed extract to enhance thickness and sheen, and hemp oil to moisturize and strengthen hair to prevent breakage.

With a light scent of peppermint and vanilla, this creamy, moisture-rich formula will leave your locks healthy and silky smooth. Oh and by the way it's green! Matcha and chlorophyll give this shampoo a gorgeously green tint and a dose of hair loving superfoods. Happy lathering!

• Paraben free, Sulfate free, Cruelty free

• 8 fl oz / 240 ml

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