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Melaleuca & Frank Body Cream

Sangre de Fruta

Melaleuca & Frank Body Cream
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Melaleuca & Frankincense essential oils dance together creating an earthy, wise, fresh scent that heals the skin and soothes the soul. Melaleuca (commonly known as Tea Tree) is known to be helpful for clearing a long list of skin ailments, while Frankincense has been used to cleanse the air + spirits in sacred spaces since biblical times. Together, these unsuspecting healers come together and create a fresh, old-world aroma.

Sangre de Fruta's botanical body creams are recommended for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, stressed, or sun damaged skin. Melaleuca & Frank is particularly healing for irritated skin.

• Sangre de Fruta's line is comprised of water-free formulations made of locally sourced, organic and wild-crafted plant-based ingredients.

• All Sangre de Fruta Botanical products are made by hand in Vancouver, BC.

• Free of harmful ingredients, full of active botanical ingredients & never tested on animals.

• Stored in violet glass jars

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