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Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum

Living Libations

Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum
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Tea Tree Oil


Oil swishing with Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum sparks your healthiest smile ever! Powerful plant extracts and antibacterial ingredients offer deep oral care for the most sensitive mouths. Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum is the perfect partner for those who are sensitive to cinnamon. (If you are a cinnamon fan, check out the Happy Gum Drops + Oil Swishing Serum!)

Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum anoints your mouth with effective essences to draw toxins from the mouth, refresh the oral cavity, and address conditions like plaque, gingivitis, tooth decay, and halitosis.

Swishing with oil is an ancient Ayurvedic practice used throughout ancient India and Egypt. This deep dental clean involves swishing botanical oil in the mouth for 10 minutes. The oil draws impurities to itself, detoxifying the mouth and restoring balance to the entire oral environment. When the oil is released, toxins, and unwanted bacteria go with it!

Swishing with CoQ10 gets it deep between the teeth and into gum pockets, increasing concentration where it is needed most, suppressing inflammation and encouraging happy, pink gums. Medium chain triglycerides, or MCT oil, is an ultra-concentrated coconut oil. By infusing your oral ecology with nourishing MCT the detoxification process deepens, and the mouth achieves optimal balance.

• 1.69 oz / 50 ml

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