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No. 2 Botanical Hair Elixir - Detoxifier


No. 2 Botanical Hair Elixir - Detoxifier
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Key ingredients

Elixir #2 is an all-natural remedy that contains anti-dandruff, antifungal, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial phyto-nutients. This combination of oils can effectively remove dry, flaky skin, cleanse the scalp, rejuvenate the hair follicle, and promote blood circulation. They reduce sebum buildup, calm oily skin, stop itchy scalp, eliminate dandruff, and directly address causes of hair thinning. Cedarwood oil thickens hair and stimulates growth, Jasmine oil addresses dry or itchy scalps, Helichrysum is a cleansing oil that stimulate follicles and strengthens hair and excels in the treatment of dandruff + scalp problems, Frankincense oil addresses hair fail and dandruff, and is a scalp conditioner, Thyme oil has been used to reverse hair fall and significantly improves blood flow in the scalp, and Lavender oil is antimicrobial and will soothe the scalp + heal dry skin.

• 1 fl oz | 30 ml

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