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No. 3 Botanical Hair Elixir - Energizer


No. 3 Botanical Hair Elixir - Energizer
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Key ingredients

Elixir #3 is a powerhouse energizer of skin, hair, and follicle. Turmeric is a tried & true ancient Ayurvedic hair treatment for regenerating the scalp + hair, Rosemary is an excellent toner and helps unclog follicles, Black Pepper Oils stimulate the follicles and increase blood circulation, Ginger acts a trigger to hair growth, Sage helps bring balance to scalp oils. Altogether these oils bring the scalp alive encouraging vibrant hair growth. Marula + Jojoba oils are soaked up by the hair and follicles carrying healing oils deep into the cuticle and lipid layers of the skin. Red mandarin oil cleanses and helps prevent dandruff and dry skin.

• 1 fl oz | 30 ml

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