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Nourishing Plant Protein (300g Caddy)


Nourishing Plant Protein (300g Caddy)
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The perfect protein to nourish your body with zero synthetics. A whey-free, easy to digest organic pea and rice protein solution containing all nine essential amino acids, nutrients to balance blood-sugar levels, fiber, stress-fighting B-vitamins and more!

“Plant protein such as sprouted brown rice has far superior utilization and uptake into the cells and muscles than whey protein. The combination of organic pea and brown rice protein provides a complete protein source for an energized and lean body. It is also a source of leucine, which is essential for repairing muscles. The body categorically absorbs plants more easily than products derived from dairy, such as whey. Additionally, dairy is acid forming and contains lactose, which is harder for humans to digest, making a plant-based protein option more alkalising for the body.” - Dr. Laubscher, PhD

• Free from heavily processed whey protein, synthetics and artificial sweeteners.

• Vegan, Soy free, No Refined Sugar, Wheat free, Non-GMO, Dairy free.

• Made in Australia

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