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Bath + Body Oil


Bath + Body Oil
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F+Y Bath & Body Oil (Meadow) is a gorgeously aromatic and wonderfully emollient blend of skin-enhancing botanicals and floral essences in deeply nourishing oils for beautifying of skin and sense indulgence. The Woods scent option is a grounding and detoxifying arboraceous blend for all skin types; particularly helpful for those prone to body blemishes or skin in need of repair.

Woods  - Richly nutritive and detoxifying plant oils are infused with a blend of healing, nourishing and regenerative herbs to offer tremendous benefits to skin and underlying tissue. Pure essential oils further facilitate dermal decongestion and balance, while providing a uniquely woodsy, earthy and grounding scent.

Meadow  - Base oils of sweet almond, olive, pumpkin and grape offer a bounty of nutrients and emollient properties specifically formulated to readily absorb into skin and provide deep nourishment for enhanced appearance and overall improvement of the skin. The bouquet of herbs and essential oils offer healing benefits for damaged, maturing and under-nourished skin of all types.

Formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Fragrances, Silicones, Synthetic Dyes, Artificial Colors, Petrochemicals, & Animal Testing

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