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Palo Santo Candle

Belle Fleur

Palo Santo Candle
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Key ingredients

A proprietary soy blend of violet, labdanum, patchouli, oud, guaiacwood, copal & amber.

- Burn time: 45-50 hours

- Lead-free cotton wick - signature matchbox included

- 7.5 oz, Made in the USA

Palo Santo is the mystical tree that grows in the forests of Ecuador and Peru. A sacred and spiritual scent dating back to the time of the Incas, it was thought to cleanse the spirit and cast a veil of protection over the individual. In Spanish, it means 'sacred wood,' perhaps revealing the transcendental allure that this tree holds. In Palo Santo, a deep resinous wood base anchors a radiating sweet violet, amber and heliotrope note that fills your space with magic.

Top Note: Ylang Ylang, Clove Bud, Heliotrope

Mid Note: Violet, Labdanum, Patchouli

Base Note: Amber, Styrax, Guaiacwood, Oud, Copal

Connecting to the raw natural ingredients has always been a key philosophy at Belle Fleur. Essential oils are the most important component of any fragrance and quality is paramount.

In addition to caring deeply about the quality of the ingredients that go into each one of their products, Belle Fleur puts a large emphasis on where these ingredients come from and the communities and people that harvest them, ensuring fair and sustainable practices.

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