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Prime Time - Priming Facial Polish

BYBI Beauty

Prime Time - Priming Facial Polish
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Key ingredients

Forget everything you know about primers. BYBI designed Prime Time, their fruity facial scrub, to prime your skin for skincare, before you even think about priming for makeup. A mixture of both abrasive and non-abrasive ingredients slough away the top layer of dead skin cells, making way for the next step of your skincare routine and ensuring that your serums, mists, moisturizers and masks are easily absorbed.

Fruit acid acts as non-abrasive exfoliation, eating away at dead/dull skin whilst improving skin texture and overall quality.

Jojoba beads gently scrub away grime without stripping or irritating skin.

Marshmallow root reduces redness, calms and soothes whilst balancing areas of excess oil.

Prime Time turns to a milk when mixed with water and can be used in place of or before a cleanser, three times a week. For skin so bright you won’t even need makeup, let alone makeup primer.

• Paraben free, Sulfate free

• Vegan & Cruelty Free

• 2 oz / 60 ml

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