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Probiotic Skin Refiner

The Beauty Chef

Probiotic Skin Refiner
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Key ingredients

The Beauty Chef’s Probiotic Skin Refiner is an exfoliant, skin hydrator, and collagen booster all in one. A bio-active whole food extract created during the bio-fermentation of The Beauty Chef’s renowned Inner Beauty Powders, this revolutionary skin care product is formulated using a nourishing combination of bio-fermented Certified Organic grains, seeds, grasses, fruits, algae, vegetables + herbs.

Rich in probiotics and lactic acid - an efficacious Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), this self-preserving refiner breaks down dead skin cells, helping to improve cellular turnover as it refines the skin and reveals an improved texture. The lactic acid also helps improve the natural moisturizing factors within the skin, while helping to stimulate collagen production and promote a more hydrated, moisturized + plump complexion.

While the benefits of ingesting probiotics are well-known, as a topical skin care product, the probiotics found in The Beauty Chef’s Skin Refiner work to balance, hydrate + improve the skin’s texture. The Lactobacillus probiotics found in the refiner help balance the skin’s natural flora, strengthen the skin’s barrier system + boost the skin’s immune health. Additionally, bio-fermented lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin, increases the skin’s natural moisturizing abilities and stimulates collagen synthesis.

• 3.38 fl oz / 100 ml

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