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Pure Dry Shampoo


Pure Dry Shampoo
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Key ingredients

This rare blend of botanicals and minerals refreshes and revitalizes hair instantly — no shower required. Rose powder invisibly absorbs excess oil at the roots while keeping hair soft; star anise extract treats the scalp and eliminates impurities. Breathe body and life back into your hair naturally, whenever you’d like.

Besides absorbing excess sebum, the traces of rose oil in the rose petal powder keeps hair soft and doesn’t weigh down hair even if you use it several days in a row. Star anise is an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent that refreshes hair without disrupting the natural balance. Playa's organic herbal blend of white willow bark, horsetail, and neem leaf powders add a little extra magic.

Playa uses hydrofluorocarbon 152a, a naturally derived propellant that’s effective and safe; in fact, it’s rated a 1 by EWG. Combined with their light and buildable formula, the softer-force propellant lets you be in charge of how you use the product (not the other way around).

• 4 oz / 145 ml

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