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Refresh - Seaweed Body Polish


Refresh - Seaweed Body Polish
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Key ingredients

Reveal your softest skin using the sea’s deep moisturizing minerals. The REFRESH body polish sloughs off dead skin, exfoliates, and detoxifies with potent marine minerals while hydrating with a dry oil infusion of fresh rice bran oil that you mix fresh before usage. Skin is left smooth, supple and deeply nourished.

• detoxifying + exfoliating

• skin soothing + hydrating

• moisturizing + rejuvenating

• 4 oz | 113 g

- 1 Bag = 1 Resurfacing Treatment

- Non-GMO, SLS, Paraben & Dye-Free. BPA-Free, Pthalate-Free, Gluten-Free. Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

- Made in the USA

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