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Sea Minerals Purify - Healing + Detoxifying Gel Cleanser

BRAD Biophotonic

Sea Minerals Purify - Healing + Detoxifying Gel Cleanser
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Key ingredients

Purify, rebalance and fortify the skin with this award-winning detoxifying gel cleanser.

Infused with a potent Sea Minerals Bio-Ferment Blend to restore essential nutrients and vital trace elements to the skin.

Algae extract increases cell regeneration and promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibroblasts, a Multi-Amino Acid Blend strengthens the skin’s barrier function, Grapefruit Seed Extract acts as an antimicrobial agent and tones the skin, Aloe Vera soothes irritated skin, and MSM promotes healing while also propelling active ingredients and moisture deep into the skin.

• 3.4 fl oz

All BRAD Biophotonic products are produced using the traditional science of bio-fermentation.When applied to topical skincare, the process of fermentation concentrates the nutrient value and increases the bioavailability of ingredients so that they can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Bio-fermentation does not require any preservatives, prevents oxidation (therefore maintaining maximum potency and effectiveness of ingredients), and increases antimicrobial activity in the products (keeping them fresh and safe!).

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