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Sea Salt Hair Mist

French Girl Organics

Sea Salt Hair Mist
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Get that sexy, beachy waves look in minutes. That magical combination of moisture and three types of salt (Epsom, Organic Breton Sea Salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt) has an instant texturizing effect on the hair. Extra conditioning from organic aloe vera & coconut oil. There are no emulsifiers used in this product so just give it a quick shake before use!

Available in three lovely scents:

Rose/Ylang: The original French Girl Sea Spray scent, filled to the brim with rich floral scent straight from the garden! Include geranium, rose and other feminine notes. Gives the feeling of a warm sunny walk through a blooming flower garden.

Jasmin/Neroli: A beautiful blend of blooming Jasmine and the Moroccan Orange Flower, Neroli. The two create a rich, inviting, intoxicating scent.

Menthe/Lavande: Reinvigorating Black Peppermint with a hint of calming Rosemary combine in this refreshing and mind clearing scent.

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