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Simply Zinc Ultra Sun Whip SPF 50


Simply Zinc Ultra Sun Whip SPF 50
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Key ingredients

This reformulated cult classic is more protective and more luxurious with a silky new formula containing 25% zinc oxide that will completely change the way you think a high concentration zinc oxide sunscreen should be. It’s lightweight and dries down on the skin almost immediately. It is tinted but applies to the skin in a sheer tone and is not intended for color correction.*

Most importantly, it is extremely protective against both UVA and UVB. This innovation makes use of an Ecocert Certified Organic ingredient that renders the zinc oxide more efficient and more protective. This 25% zinc formula is therefore unlike any other one on the market with one of the highest UVA Protection Factors possible for an all mineral sunscreen.

Please note: *The Illuminating tint may discolor or stain clothes.

• 2.7 fl oz | 80 ml

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