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Soy Candle


Soy Candle
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Key ingredients

O'Douds candles are made from therapeutic-grade essential oils and soy wax that is grown in America.


Bay Rum - O'Douds take on a classic bay rum scent; rich, refreshing and smooth with notes of: bay, clove, and orange.

Forest - This candle brings the forest to you, for when you don’t have the time to travel there yourself, with notes of: cedar, sage, and cypress.

Lavender - A whole lot of lavender was sampled to get this scent right. Sweet, floral, and smooth with just a hint of smoke and citrus.

• 9 oz

• Made by Hand

• All Natural & Well-Sourced

Made WITHOUT artificial preservatives, parabens, harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrance, silicone, dimethicone, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, nanoparticles.


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