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The Past - Beard Oil


The Past - Beard Oil
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In 2011 Blackbird created their first grooming product, a beard oil scented with three kinds of cedarwood and made for like the old man you'll soon become. Today they've reimagined their "Original Beard Oil" with a hint of oud and renamed it to reflect their history as The Past.

A lot of guys have irritated skin underneath their beards that moisturizers, lotions and creams can’t help with. We’ve also heard from a lot of girlfriends/boyfriends that their fella's beard is itchy and/or smelly when they snuggle up close. This product addresses all of these concerns while improving overall skin and beard health and appearance.

The high concentration of argan oil in Blackbird Beard Oil softens and adds body to facial hair, enhances natural hair color, and eliminates dry, itchy skin. This super lightweight, fast-absorbing blend is perfect for beards of any length and all skin types.

• Lightweight

• Soothes itchy skin

• Softens hair and brightens color

• UV coated glass bottle protects product for a longer shelf life

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