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Universal Face Oil


Universal Face Oil
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The people at Blackbird wanted to create an all-in-one moisturizer that anyone could use day and night, on sensitive to oily skin, for the young and old, all year round. We think you are going to love this product.

Many moisturizing lotions and creams are packed with filler, preservatives, and some ingredients that don’t actually help your skin. On the other hand, Blackbird Universal Face Oil contains nothing but the most nourishing, regenerative, and protective ingredients they could find, in their purest form, just the oil.

Blackbird Universal Face Oil is composed of 10 pure botanic and flower oils with absolutely no filler to deliver intense nutrient and antioxidant-rich moisture for a radiant glow, enhanced skin elasticity and more wonderful skin-loving benefits.

• Deeply Moisturizing + Softening

• Firming + Improves Elasticity

• Anti-aging + Reduces Age Spots

• Anti-acne + Anti-inflammatory

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