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Wildly Omega - A Hyperlocal, Non-Industrialized Fish Oil


Wildly Omega - A Hyperlocal, Non-Industrialized Fish Oil
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Key ingredients

A Hyperlocal, Non-Industrialized Fish Oil Made From Wild-Caught New England (Winter) Skate.

Wildy Omega is a novel, environmentally friendly fish oil made from locally caught skate fish; Wildly Omega isn't just better for the planet, it's better for you, delivering more Omega-3s & DHA than most other fish species used to make fish oil.

- A daily fish oil that's as good for you as it is for the environment and local New England fisheries.*

- 675 mg of purified, molecularly distilled Omega-3s per serving. Clean as can be without any heavy metals, PCBs & microbial bacterias.*

- Burp-free formula sans added colors, flavors or scents - nothin fishy.*

Fresh from the sea, a stones throw away, better for the planet.

Vitalfit usually sticks to plants, but when they heard about a pair of sustainable food entrepreneurs making waves with a new type of fish oil... and breathing new life into New England fisheries, they needed to find out more.

Everything they heard was true. Turns out winter skate is a popular menu item in New England restaurants, but only a small portion of the skate ever makes it to the kitchen. The team at MassOMEGA figured out a way to transform a part of fish usually thrown away (the liver), into a high-quality fish oil.

Even better, skate oil has higher levels of Omega-3s, DHA, essential and non-essential fatty acids than salmon, tuna, cod, and krill oil combined.* Between supporting local fisherman, eliminating waste, and delivering a great product they were hooked.

• 25 servings per bottle

• Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

• *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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